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Verypixel Creative LED Display   2018-10-22
Tag: Creative LED Display, Curve LED Display, different shapes LED displayRecently, VERYPIXEL has successfully completed 3 Cre… MORE>>
P6.6 Indoor LED Display Shining at American Bar   2018-10-01
Recently, we have completed an important project in American bar which is adopting VP-FS-P6.6 Indoor LED Display. MORE>>
P6 indoor stage high-definition LED full-color display i…   2018-09-30
Good news came from VERYPIXEL again, we have successfully completed and put into operation the P6 indoor stage high-definition… MORE>>
Verypixel UFO Screen Icing on the Macao Casino   2017-09-06
Tag: led display sign,electronic billboards,lcd monitorsVERYPIXEL recently have completed another indoor special-shaped LED sc… MORE>>
Verypixel creative LED displays in Bangkok   2017-08-25
VERYPIXEL recently have completed another indoor special-shaped LED screen project in Thailand Blue River Bar. The multiple sp… MORE>>
The Yao's VS Verypixel's- Yao Ming Thumbs up Ver…   2017-08-22
Verypixel giant LED video wall is honored to present another grand new Princess cruise line, together with Yao Ming and his wi… MORE>>  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap