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How to choose rental LED display
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Sheet metal cabinet, aluminum profile cabinet, and die-casting aluminum cabinet- Which one to go?


What is die-casting LED cabinet? 
Die-cast cabinet is a metal aluminum casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. With this production technology, the led cabinets would have higher precision than sheet other metal led cabinets; and the led cabinets would have higher strength than aluminum profile(linear aluminum) led cabinets. And in fact, die-casting aluminum cabinets has become the mainstream in rental led display market.

How to compare?

Beyond all, when you start a project, you must know very clear about your budget, as well, you need to have a general idea on what you want to get.


It seems there are too many rental led display cabinet options in market, but if classify according to the production technology, there are only three types - sheet metal type, aluminum profile(linear aluminum) type, and die-casting aluminum type. And we have the pages to introduce these previously.
But there are some difficulties when you make a decision because even among one type rental led display cabinet, different manufacturers' product, price varies a lot. So what are the factors you must take into good consideration? This is the topic we're trying to discuss in this page.


Enough Budget for your project?
If you have enough budget, you would eliminate both the sheet metal cabinet and aluminum profile(linear aluminum) cabinet, and focus only on sourcing a good die-casting aluminum cabinet. The advantage of die-casting aluminum cabinet is obvious and complete, a good die-casting aluminum cabinet performs best no matter in its fast assembly&disassembly, or its strength.


All purpose mould? Or special mould?
When compare the die-casting aluminum cabinets from different led display suppliers, you could begin with the outer appearance. If many your possible suppliers offer the same type die casting aluminum, it must be the all purpose mould, i.e. it's a type of cabinet that any led display manufacturer could buy from the same cabinet vendor. The price of this kind die-casting aluminum cabinet must be cheap but the performance would not be so good as special mould, i.e. a led display manufacturer invest on this and it's exclusive to them.

For all purpose mould, the price should be taken into good consideration because for this quality level die-casting aluminum cabinet, the led display manufacturers would use just common electronic components, not the best. And you could try to discuss further into the modules etc to see what it would come with.

For special mould, the price are usually more expensive, but the quality would no doubt better. When a led display manufacturer develop this high level product, they will use their best. So the key point you'd focus on is its product advantages - they will show you formally and usually there would be a document with its very detailed introduction.
And our new type rental led cabinet is with our great invest in its mould development. In addition, it could be both for indoor and outdoor application!

So in one word, if you have enough budget, you'd better focus on the die-casting aluminum cabinet, with special mould.


Budget not enough?
Firstly we would always suggest to eliminate the option of "aluminum profile(linear aluminum)" because there's no advantages at all.

1. For indoor LED screen. The die-casting aluminum cabinet with all purpose mould costs as low as the other two kinds cabinet, but the advantage is obvious. So we can say, with price reduction, for indoor rental led display, you could consider just die-casting aluminum cabinet.

2. For outdoor LED panel. Till now, there's rarely the all purpose mould of die-casting aluminum cabinets. So as an economic solution, it's better to consider the sheet metal cabinet. Sheet metal cabinet is widely seen product but different manufacturers still have different quality - so to determine which to choose, you must get back to the comparison of modules and internal components adopted.

So in one word, if you want an economic solution, for indoor rental led display you'd consider the die-casting aluminum cabinet, with all purpose mould; for outdoor rental led display you'd consider the sheet metal type cabinet.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap