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1. 3G Control Solution Feature

1.1 Provide free server, each user 500MB free space.
1.2 Provide free WEB management platform (based browser without installation).
1.3 You can access to the platform by Mobile, Pad or computer to control and manage your display terminal anytime, anywhere (no need to install any software, support windows, Android and Apple operating systems).
1.4 Simple operation. Do not need to do any settings, plug and play.
1.5 The real multi-send function, it will spent the same time to send your programs to a single display terminal or multiple terminals.
1.6 Hardware integrated design. Reliable and cost reduction.
1.7 Stable 3G download speeds. the download speed 100KB/s + when the signal intensity of 10 or more ; the download speed will reach more than 200KB/s when the signal intensity of 20 or more.
1.8 The software is simple to operate. to operate remote 3G terminals as easy as operate the local terminal.
1.9 Compatibility. Platform is compatible with a variety of Internet access, including cable, WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc., as long as you can access to the Internet.


2.Overview of the solution

As shown, the display terminal establish communications with the server via the 3G wireless network; users to use the mobile, pad or computer access server web platform by the Internet




3.Hardware Installation

3.1 Plug the SIM card into a 3G module


SIM card into a 3G module


3.2 Plug the 3G module into control card, and secure the screws




3.3 After power on, observed ALM lamp (network indicator), Steady bright means the control card has connect to the server.



4. WEB management platform


4.1 Registration
Open your browser (recommended google chrome browser), enter the URL


login in 


Press the Sign In button




After successful registration, contact with the sales staff, wait for the system administrator activate your account the you can login the platform.


4.2 Binding terminal controller
Login the platform and press the “New Terminal” button



Enter the controller SN(Printed on the back of the controller), The initial password is 123456



Then you can see your terminal in the list:



4.3Manage the terminals
Click on the control card and click the Manage button, enter the terminal management page, you can see the information of the terminal system, including the version number, memory status, brightness values and 3G signal strength information, etc.



In Task Manager page you can see the status information of current tasks and the tasks previously performed



Click the Add Task button, you can choose and add a new task to the terminal



In the Password page you can modify the name and password, the terminal initial password is 123456



In the System Log page to see the error log of the terminal




4.4 User account management
Click on the top right corner of the user name, you can access your account management page, where you can modify the password changes and other operations



5.Led GO

After editing the program, click on the button Send to WEB



First, you need authenticate your account



After successful software will list your terminal on the platform, then press the Send button to upload the programs to the WEB platform



After the transmission is complete, you can see the task on the platform.




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