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led traffice sign 
Why VERYPIXEL traffic sign is professional?


The characteristics and advantages of the solution


 led traffic F sign 



Solar Powered: VERYPIXEL'-friendly, low maintaining costs advantages for an ever-growing domain of traffic safety. Most of our systems adopt solar power, LED technology and wireless communication, which simplify the installation methods, reduce maintenance costs that will benefit you profoundly in terms of time, labor and utility charges.




traffic led display cabinet 


Viewing Angle: The visual requirements of signs set the viewing angle of the LEDs. Signs installed on highways, for example, require bright LEDs with a narrow beam width, but in cities with a requirement for short distance legibility a wide beam width LED is usually required.



tricolor led traffice screen 


Durability: Outdoor message signs must typically operate for over ten years in a harsh, corrosive, and exposed working environment. VERYPIXEL LED traffic sign use new 15 and 30 degree viewing angle lamps. The maximum LED junction temperature limit of +130¡æ enables high temperature operation in bright sunlight conditions. The lamp encapsulation epoxy uses UV inhibitors to reduce the bad effects from long term exposure to direct sunlight.


 led traffice M sign Wide applications: Applications for LED lamps in road equipment and  signage include: Traffic management; Traffic signals, Pedestrian.


Traffic Sign System Topology


traffice sign signal input 


Multiple screen terminal traffic sign control plan

 Multiple screen terminal traffic sign control plan

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