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Tag: The biggest diameter Creative Video Ball born in VERYPIXEL.

Good news came from VERYPIXEL again. At the end of March,2018, VERYPIXEL has successfully completed a P10 outdoor video ball in Xi an, China. This is the biggest diameter of video ball that we have done. Find the pictures as below

The biggest diameter Creative Video Ball born in VERYPIXEL

We have done many cases for video ball all around the world. But this is the most challenging for us. With the biggest diameter(6m), high IP level requirement of outdoor video ball and the special installation sites which raises difficult questions for the whole screen design and engineering. When talking this project, VP engineers and technicians are very excited because they are full of passion and like challenges very much. After continuous communication and repeated mechanics calculation, we pass this conundrum and successfully installed it.

6m diameter LED ball screen

This is a successful project that we done, and it is also worth mentioning that VERYPIXEL developed the highest IP level of outdoor video ball, waterproof match with IP65. The modules we use in this screen is soft modules, which is very excellent in flexibility and easy to install into a ball shape.

Now, Video ball is becoming more and more popular in the market, but compare to the same product in the market, our led video ball has advantages as below:
1. With Verypixel special PCB design, our video ball has even better smoothness.
2. Gaps between the modules is standard as the same as the pixel pitch- 10mm. 

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