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Verypixel glass LED display project in a grand PRIMARK
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Tag: Glass LED Display, Transparent LED Screen, See Through LED Screen

VERYPIXEL indoor glass LED screen project in a grand PRIMARK, the flagship store in Madrid, Spain.

It is well-known that PRIMARK is a world-famous clothing brand which have been visited by thousands of travelers from all around the world.
A LED display undoubtedly is the eye-catching place for all people in the mall that makes it a very special and import site for conveying information and advertising.

Glass LED Display with an area of 250sqm

From the photo we could see this led transparent display adopted flexible splicing modules, it has the advantages of convenient maintenance and transparency, which brings the whole main screen out magnificence of market effects. VP-GLS-T3 use unique splicing structure, made it possible to have cylindrical side screen effect.

Glass LED Display

This is not the effect picture of computer production, this is the transparent LED display of Verypixel! It located in the beautiful Spanish flagship store in Madrid, you will feel the charm of vp-gls-t3 when you get closer.

VP-GLS-T3 adopt high quality raw material,mature process and scale production make the quality is ensured, it has been well received in the industry.

The stability of product quality, also ruled out all the worries for the customer.

Glass LED Display

The VP-GLS-T3 in the photo has a unique display effect. And the advertising screen gives people a sen vse of suspension on the glass curtain wall, it has very good advertising effect and artistic effect.

Through this vision representation, it endows the LED Display with artistic sense, makes the space more flexible, brings the visual shock to the audiences, adds a sense of science and technology and also open up more creative advertising to customers.

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