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Verypixel Creative LED Display
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Recently, VERYPIXEL has successfully completed 3 Creative LED Display projects. Let’s see what happen!

1. VP-FS-Outdoor P6.35 Round Sign LED Display with an area of 30.3sqm in an Art Gallery in Moscow.

VP-FS-Outdoor P6.35 Round Sign LED Display

The design of that Round Sign LED display brought a strong visual impact to customers. This good-looking, high-fashion design and perfect display effect becomes the shinning point of the whole Art Gallery.

2. VP-Indoor P8 Irregular Sign LED Display in a Science Museum of Netherlands.

VP-Indoor P8 Irregular Sign LED Display

This creative LED display perfectly combines the screen and the environment. And it has showed us a wow vision effect. Through this vision representation, it endows the LED Display with artistic sense, makes the space more flexible, brings the visual shock to the audiences, adds a sense of science and technology and also open up more creative advertising to customers.

3. VP-Indoor P6.6 Front Service Curve LED Display in Rainbow Department Store in Shenzhen.

 VP-Indoor P6.6 Front Service Curve LED Display

The Shopping Mall uses a P6.6 high-definition LED full-color display screen with an area of 112.2 sqm. 


Front service series LED Display screen has rich color, can show a variety to more vividly,and meet the requirements of all kinds of media playing shopping mall. Fornt service modules can be easily to assembly and disassemble,it only cost you less than 10s to put it up and down,also save you a lot time and labor cost as well. 

The unique display adopted front service designing which could help our clients save a lot of time and installation space. VP- Indoor P6.6 high definition makes it very easy to achieve the advertising effect. 


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