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Verypixel creative LED displays in Bangkok
Data:2017/8/25 0:00:00From:VerypixelAuthor:Admin

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VERYPIXEL recently have completed another indoor special-shaped LED screen project in Thailand Blue River Bar. The multiple specifications of special - shaped screen like the icing on the cake make Blue River bar more splendor.


creative LED display supplier


The Blue River Bar is located in the Peninsula Bangkok Hotel, this hotel receives tourists from all over the world every day. The LED display is undoubtedly represent the Bar's core atmosphere, so it must be unique and creative in style. 


LED display Thailand

This project combines a variety of modeling screens, including cube display, soft screen, arc screen, diamond display and other irregular display, which is very challenge for the design of PCB and also great challenges our engineers.


However, VERYPIXEL already have rich experiences in special shapes led display research and design. We could solve all the troubles and make customer's ideas into perfect actual products. These LED panels are designed by P4 black led lights, high definition, high fresh rate and greyscale. When finished all the installations, light up the displays, the whole atmosphere is really splendor. No suspicions, our product development and engineering prowess has been highly recognized by customers and established long-term cooperation relations.


Creative LED display panels

LED Special - shaped display is a major feature product of VERYPIXEL. If you have the project requirements, we will not let you down. Only offer  quality pixels!

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