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Special-shaped LED Display Shining at Xi'an Gpark
Data:2016/7/13 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:verypixel

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Xi'an Gpark is built China's most representative theme concept commercial and cultural square, one of the important project is in the center of crystal color square, which is an innovative special-shaped LED display program:  Crystal Cone-type LED Display.





Special shaped LED screen always use to evaluate a company's comprehensive strength. With years of experience in developing special-shaped screen, VERYPIXEL won the part of the project design work of this crystal LED screen. It's is a great challenge for VERYPIXEL to complete this unique led display screen, it might be largest special-shaped display in the world.

Gpark special shaped crystal LED screen is splicing by 36 pieces of cone-type screen panels. 36 parts of screens are different from other, which raises difficult questions for the whole screen design and engineering. When talking this project, VP engineers and technicians are very excited because they are full of passion and like challenges very much. After continuous communication and repeated mechanics calculation, the LED array and seamless splicing issues. According to its shape specially, our engineers designed more than 1000 different boards, twice proofing, finally we accomplished the structure design of crystal special shaped led screen display.




When asked about the difficulties encountered in the project, VERYPIXEL Project Manager Mr. XU firmly replied: "Only unexpected, No impossible"
Crystal cone LED screen project will be installed and put into use after the Spring Festival in 2016, members may wish to wait and see this LED display project milestones.


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