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UFO Screen sparkling in Hongkong Time square   2020-12-06
Verypixel recently have completed another indoor special-shaped LED screen, UFO LED Screen in Hongkong Time square MORE>>
LED Soft Module Surprising You   2020-11-21
Tag: P6 indoor full color LED column displayRecently, VERYPIXEL has completed a project in Singapore –P3 indoor full color LE… MORE>>
It is with great pleasure to announce VERYPIXEL is one of the ISA2019 exhibitors. We would like to invite you to this exciting… MORE>>
Indoor P6.6 Arc LED display   2018-11-28
Recently, VERYPIXEL has completed a project of Indoor P6.6 Arc LED display. Compared with the conventional display screen brin… MORE>>
LED Corner Display Shining out to the World   2018-11-19
Tag:【LED right angle】You are so unique. There must be many people like it.Excellent news everyone! Recently, we have success… MORE>>
VERYPIXEL Creative LED Ball   2018-11-09
Good news came from VERYPIXEL again. At the end of March,2018, VERYPIXEL has successfully completed a P10 outdoor video ball i… MORE>>  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap