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Verypixel LED Mesh Display   2013-12-11
◎ The VP-Mesh design has the features of "light","thin", "exquisite", "penetrate ". C… MORE>>
The truth of VIRTUAL PIXEL   2013-06-18
Nowadays, many companies that sell large LED display screens, especially in South China, are trying to edge their products on … MORE>>
Verypixel further R&D on higher energy saving LED di…   2013-06-12
LED is very energy saving, while how could we make it better energy efficient? Verypixel has been doing as follows:As the glo… MORE>>
Verypixel Monthly August 2012 LED Curve Display   2012-08-15
August is another harvest month for Verypixel, we totally have got 7 big projects. As the competition in this industry mounts,… MORE>>
Double sided LED display rock American market with fancy…   2011-05-17
America is a sign country, every company, every shop; even every person needs a sign. When you drive on the roads, passing by … MORE>>  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap