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Verypixel LED Mesh Display
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 ● The VP-Mesh design has the features of "light","thin", "exquisite", "penetrate ". Convenient installation, withstand wind and dustproof. Application for the stage and surrounding


ultra slim & light led mesh display 


This LED mesh product has been applied in many fields such as stage, bar, entertainment TV and so on, it has been shown the unique artistic charm and aesthetic feeling of space imagination.



Exquisite structure layout.
Penetration rate up to 65%.
Self-heat-sink design.

led video curtain,led grid display,led mesh display series 

The brightness of LED Mesh can be adjusted from 500 nits to 2000 nits without damaging the gray level, matching with calibration technology, it offers great expressive color.


led curtain display 


Equiped fast-lock connectors with , the LED mesh is convenient to install & dismantle. Now it has become the most popular fashion elements at the digital stage and bar.

High refresh frequency can meet the requirement of the shooting.



led mesh stage background screen 

 Location: Vietnam         Product: VP-MESH-I10         Size: 180sqm

Product Line

MARKETED Cabinet Size PH Constitution Brightness Refresh Rate Cabinet Weight Protection
INDOOR 480*960mm P10 SMD 3528 1400 nits ≥800Hz 7Kg IP45
400*800mm P12.5 SMD 3528 1200 nits ≥800Hz 6.2Kg IP45
512*1024mm P16 SMD 3528 1000 nits ≥800Hz 7.5Kg IP45
OUTDOOR 1024*1024mm P16 DIP 1R1G1B 5000 nits ≥1200Hz 32Kg IP65
1000*1000mm P31.25 DIP 1R1G1B 2500 nits ≥1200Hz 35Kg IP65
960*960mm P40 DIP 1R1G1B 1800 nits ≥1200Hz 30Kg IP65

Customer Case

 LED Mesh Display  LED Mesh Display  LED Mesh Display  LED Mesh Display

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